Queer Profiles 9: Alex Snell

I mentioned a while ago that one of the things I’ve been doing is a series of LGBTQ Oral History videos called Queer Profiles. So far I’ve been confined to mostly my friends and the friends of my boyfriend–although they’ve been pretty good!–but now I’m starting to open it up to more people I don’t know directly, and I have some exciting ones coming up.

This one centers on my longtime friend from NYC, Alex Snell, and I just really like it. I like how generally melancholy it is, and I love the whole first half, how he hits on experiences common to a lot of gay men: that of being picked on in school, and taking refuge in hanging out with older women. I love the detail of hanging out in the teacher’s lounge while they’re all smoking and gossipping!

You can watch them all at queerprofiles.org, and–you might be shocked by this, but it’s true–you can like them on Facebook! Can you believe it? In fact, I would appreciate it very much if you would like it on Facebook, because then I can maintain the illusion that I am reaching more people, since as you know, Facebook is the real reality now.

But clearly, bitterness is a stranger to me.

Nevertheless, check out the video.


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