FYI: “The Evil Within”

Just had to share… and just a day after I was lamenting that individuals don’t make their own low-budget movies anymore… Apparently the heir of the Getty fortune spent five years making his own horror film, based on his own nightmares, and all done while he was on meth. Here’s the summary from this article, in which I learned about the whole thing:

“Andrew Rork Getty, scion of the Getty oil dynasty, set out on a quixotic journey in 2002: he’d drafted the script for a horror film based loosely on a series of nightmares he’d personally had, and intended on using as much of his own fortune as necessary to bring it to life. Never one to let a little thing like inexperience stop him, Getty rounded up a crew of actors with no idea what they were getting into and dove into shooting on what was then titled The Storyteller. Production ultimately stretched out over the course of five years, progressing in fits and starts as Getty devised elaborate custom camera rigs, pricy original sets and, in one instance, a large animatronic octopus designed to play a drum kit.”

Sounds pretty irresistable, no? I’m going to have to check that out. The rest of the article is pretty fascinating as well, as is the Hollywood Reporter article referenced within. IN the meantime, here’s the trailer:


4 thoughts on “FYI: “The Evil Within”

    • No totally, I HAVE to see this… I’ve been thinking of subscribing to Amazon for a while and this just might do it [although then… TWO streaming sites to browse through!]


  1. It’s on Amazon for rent for $4.99, not the free videos with Amazon Prime (or monthly subscription I think you can do now). When browsing Amazon the “free with Prime” videos have a “Prime” banner in the upper-left corner of their icon, and this one definitely doesn’t.


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