Read the ONE negative review of Get Out

You may have heard that Get Out is the rare film to get 100% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. And you may have been suspicious that at least some of these primarily white critics are eager to show everybody how much they just hate racism–they just HATE it!–by saying that every single thing about the film is just so, SO GREAT.

I personally have not seen the film yet, but I have been reading the well-intentioned reviews, as well as whitesplaining articles in which white people explain to other white people how the film brilliantly dissects racism, which those white people have such a deep, rich understanding of that they are in a position to lecture others.

I am familiar with Armond White [who is African-American] from his New York Press days, and while I don’t always agree with his views, he is always worth reading. He pretty much hates everything [not an exaggeration] and is famous for inceassantly reviewing from the “This-was-done-so-much-better-in-this-obscure-movie-that-only-I-have-seen” perspective, but he worships Brian De Palma and he really does give thought to everything he sees, and obviously doesn’t follow the herd… or allow his social prejudices to cloud his critical judgement, like, say the New York Times. 

Anyway, it doesn’t mean you’re racist if you want to read a review that doesn’t fall dutifully in line with the hype. And here you are. 


One thought on “Read the ONE negative review of Get Out

  1. Looking forward to your reaction – and for you to settle the Collider v. Armond discrepancy: Is the guy in the opening scene gone from the picture (as Armond says), or is he the straw-hatted guy at the party (as Collider says)?

    Disagree with many of Armond’s opinions (not to mention his hectoring tone), but must admit he provokes more thought than more echo-chamber critics.


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