I’ve Made a Film!

Hi there folks. Guess what? I’ve made my own film. It’s a non-narrative documentary about Chicago.

It had a long genesis… First I would just walk around thinking that there’s so many sides to Chicago that people don’t see. Then one day I was out in an enhanced state, and everything was too noisy… so I walked around listening to Bach and Chopin on headphones. That was one of the key moments, seeing the city and hearing nothing but classical piano. I started walking around taking video, thinking I could go into the history of Chicago and talk about famous buildings and famous residents.

The photos in the background of CdM phase II [the proper website after the black-and-green model] made me think about what you really SEE in a city… that is, not just famous sites, but dirty slush, cigarette butts, piles of garbage, weird disregarded window displays… and I started to film all that stuff, as well as the famous stuff too. But I was still thinking it had to be organized into sections where we would learn about stuff. And I was filming thinking: “How is all of this stuff going to fit into a narrative? Or will it all just fill in between the narrative parts?”

And then I finally thought: There doesn’t have to be any narrative at all. And in fact, there doesn’t have to be any organization at all. And, I could use the classical piano and basically make a silent film. So that’s what it is: we see the city, the landmarks but also completely unremarkable neighborhoods, famous architecture but also the crappy everyday apartments, and something Chicago has a lot of: glorious buildings that have fallen into disrepair. So it’s really everything, with no sound, just classical piano, so you can just have a serene, meditative experience and let the sights of the city wash over you.

I’m finishing the editing right now [super duper fun, I’m going to miss it when it’s over] and then will submit it to film festivals. I made a trailer, which will give you an idea of what it’s like, and I’d love to know what you think. If you are inclined, you can please like the film’s Facebook page, and if you’re also inclined, you can donate to my funding page [I need money for legal costs and insurance… thus far this has all been out of my own pocket].

But mainly I just wanted you to know and, since you are obviously a highly discerning film lover, to get your thoughts. Take a look, let me know what you think, and thanks again for entertaining my writing and other creative outlets.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Made a Film!

  1. Interesting. Check the volume maybe as it might be clipping a bit. Could be my headphones though. There should be a normalise option in your editing software. The images are great but the trailer seems a bit long for a teaser.


  2. It’s beautiful. I’m so happy for you. And you have a wonderful visual sense. I’m looking forward to the completed film. Best of luck.


  3. I already love it. Heaven knows we need something contemplative and soulful in the middle of this increasingly shrill and bullying era…


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