I actually got kind of juiced to see this, because the last one was good ridiculous fun, and the trailer made this look like a laff riot of people making big, loud, overblown declarations [“Inferno isn’t a warning—it’s a prophecy!”] and having chases through tourist attractions while trying to remain as serious as possible. It is good fun if you go in it looking to amuse yourself at its expense, but unfortunately, even that gets boring as the whole thing just drags on forever.

This time we have some jarring amusement as the story starts with Hanks waking up in a hospital, no clue how he got there, but an assassin on the way, causing him to rip out his IVs and flee! His companion this time is the doctor who was in the room with him when he woke, making it a bit funny that she’s going to take the next three days to run around risking her life for this guy she just met. The humor highlights are this ultra-serious female WHO official running around barking orders in what has now become a quite generic role, and a laugh-out-loud moment in which Hanks and friend are threatened with being minced—or at least mildly scratched—by a buzzing drone which pursues them down a hedge corridor like the silver balls from Phantasm. There are a number of twists, such that I have no idea how the story worked out [except that they saved everyone], but sadly it’s not quite as fun as the last one, and it’s quite long, and it gets boring by the end. Oh, and I have never seen Hanks really just phoning it in, but there are certain scenes here where he clearly has put NO effort into wondering what a person saying these lines would be thinking or feeling. Anyway, you know what you’re getting into here, and the finished product doesn’t surprise in any way.


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