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Well, if you’re a follower of Cinema de Merde, you know that updates have been very few and far between lately. I just don’t have the time to write long reviews for everything I see anymore, and I certainly don’t have the inclination to write long reviews of minor bullshit movies like The Girl on the Train or any of the garbage straight-to-video stuff that makes up the majority of Netflix’s offerings.

So, either the site was going to die, or I find some new way of writing reviews, and this is it. Here I can write shorter reviews that are more manageable for me, and also can get the reviews up in a manner timely enough that the films will still be in theaters! I still plan on writing longer reviews for select films that deserve it, and they’ll still be on the other site, but I’ll notify you here of stuff going up there.

The other fun here is that this can be a place for movie-related comment, so we can start talking about trailers, movie news and actual news as it relates to movies. And I can share with you some of the other things I’ve been working on, like this series of LGBTQ oral history interviews I’m doing, and other stuff I’ll share with you in time. So this place will be much more loose and free-ranging—and much more frequently updated—but all generally centered on movies.

If you’ve been with Cinema de Merde for a while, I want to THANK YOU once again, and say I’m sorry that the site has grown moribund, but hopefully this blog can reward your patience and loyalty, and be satisfying in a good but different way. Thanks a lot for continuing to read, and who knows where this new avenue will take us.

Don’t forget you can always write me at cinemademerde@gmail.com



7 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I can’t muster up any sort of enthusiasm for any of the movies that are being made these days either. But I’m happy that you’ll still write. Yours is one of the very few blogs that I still follow for the written content, and I’d be very sorry to see it go.

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    • Thanks so much, Oscar, and thanks for continuing to read. Right now I just can’t keep up with the site, so I figure this will be a way to keep things fresh and manageable for me. We’ll see how it goes… Thanks again.


  2. Another longtime CdM reader here. The new blog sounds like a great idea, and I’ve already got it bookmarked. I am, however, disappointed that the title is not CdM II: Electric Boogaloo.

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  3. Another longtime reader here. What a shame! You have spoiled us with your very perceptive and amusing reviews. Looking forward to whatever you find time to write in future, anyway. BTW do you know if apps like Feedly will still “find” your content when published?

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    • Thanks for your longtime support, Steve! I appreciate it.
      I would say the “shame” was just leaving the old site to languish, and that this blog will allow SOME flow of content instead of NO flow of content. And I still plan to publish occasional longer reviews over at the old site, which I will notify people of here.
      As for Feedly, I suspect they will find my content, as these wordpress blogs are quite optimized, but I think you can always add URLs you like to follow.
      Thanks again for staying with me!



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